What is “mature love” between two men.

  • What is “mature love” between two men.

    Posted by Thomaslove on June 12, 2023 at 9:22 am

    It is “mature love” when you are a whole human being and when I am a whole human being and we just want to be together for the joy of being together. There is no neddiness in either of us.. We spend quality time together; and we spent quality time with ourself when apart. Each man has hiis own friends and his own profesion. Each is a whole human being. that is, each is independent, self-sufficient and knows when to depend on other people. The possible motto of two men with mature love is: “love, honor, and negotiate.” Everything is negotiated. Trust between us is so strong that we know that other well enough that we will never be lied to or the trust broken. Each man helps the other to get clear The relationship itself is alive and exciting.

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