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De Forest




The joy of being together.

I know myself well and love myself deeply. I am a healthy person, whole human being with mature love. Although I am now 73 years old, I have the body of a 50 year-old man and, most importantly, a young but wise heart. I have a deep emotional hunger for a strong connection with another man who is capable of  fulfilling my needs and who is capable of letting me fulfill his.

 I know what kind of guy I am looking for. I am looking for a special man who can feel joy with me, be emotionally available to me, and who is affectionate, gentle yet strong, kind, tender, compassionate, cuddling, sensitive, loving, and assertive. I prefer a man who is clear and well-grounded, but those qualities are not necessary. I also want a man  who can laugh, play, and have fun with me.

I accept you for all that you wonderfully  are. I genuinely want to know you as a human being. I want to have the adventure and excitement of getting to know you. I am not into recreational sex or the hurtful behaviors which can accompany it.

 I am seriously into advanced body building and keeping myself as healthy as possible, so that I will live a longest quality life possible. If you are in shape, that is another large plus. I like hairy muscular men.

Lastly, I am a professional ecologist and evolutionary biologist (B.A. cum laude Princeton University; Ph.D  University of Utah; Honorary Fellow/Faculty Staff,  University of Wisconsin – Madison).  Travel: Italy and Europe 1961, 1965, Borneo and New Guinea 1972, Madagascar, Namibia, and South Africa 2018. Interests: people, nature and wilderness, cooking, bodybuilding, fit lifestyle, sailing,  classical music, rare plant collecting, piano playing and composing music, and , of course men. Dr. Thomas           


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Basketball, Cycling, Hiking, Snowshoeing, Swimming, Weightlifting, Wrestling