IMPORTANT Re: The New Testament

  • IMPORTANT Re: The New Testament

    Posted by bookauthor on January 28, 2022 at 11:21 am

    F O R D I S C U S S I O N

    (in order to reach better conclusions than what has been generally accepted)

    The New Testament Gospels and Sources in the Order of When They Were Written:

    1. The Book of Enoch / 1 Enoch (Chapters 1-36) The Book of Watchers

    2. The Book of Enoch / 1 Enoch (Chapters 37-71) The Book of Parables

    3. Authentic Letters of Paul (see if they match what was in Marcion’s canon)

    4. Mark

    5. Q

    6. Matthew

    7. John

    8. Marcion’s Gospel according to Paul

    9. Luke (a response to Marcion)

    The author of Luke-Acts has a response to Marcion. The author would accept Marcion’s hero Paul without the theology of his epistles. To do so the author replaced Marcion’s canon with a two-volume work of his own. He merely expanded Marcion’s gospel with added traditions, but he rejected entirely the Pauline epistles as theologically unacceptable.

    John T. Townsend, “The Dating of Luke-Acts” … in Charles Talbert (ed.), “Luke-Acts: New Perspectives from the Society of Biblical Literature Seminar” (1984) p. 56-58

    The gospel of Luke was not written decades before Acts of the Apostles, which never was reasonable.
    The gospel of Luke was written closer to when Acts was written, after Marcion’s gospel was written.

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