An Atheistic Stance

  • An Atheistic Stance

    Posted by bookauthor on April 6, 2022 at 8:57 pm

    An atheistic stance could be taken with respect to the god of the false
    prophet, Jesus. Apocalypticism (1 Repentence, 2 Tribulation 3 Judgment 4
    Glorious Son of Man Kingdom of God) failed as an hypothesis; so, an
    apocalyptic prophet cannot help but be a false prophet. Jesus with his
    Last Supper even ran afoul of Leviticus 17: 10 and to this day people are
    misled. No doubt, some of the teachings of Jesus are valuable, but
    Jesus’ atheism (he willfully had God turn his face away, he willfully
    got excommunicated from the people of God, when his loving Father set
    him up for failure by not preparing him to be accepted by the Jewish
    establishment. There are other angles to see this, but basically the
    story of Jesus is post-war literature where the war was the First
    Jewish-Roman War where the promise of Apocalypticism did not true up.
    The horrible loss at the Battle of Galilee, the horrible starvation and
    cannibalism when the Civil War rebel leaders cut off food supplies, the
    horrible destruction of the Temple all caused former believers to end
    god and community of god, with Jesus as prime example. – Steve Campbell,
    author of Historical Accuracy

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