Trump meets with Hungary’s DIctator Viktor Orbán

  • Trump meets with Hungary’s DIctator Viktor Orbán

    Posted by Unknown Member on March 7, 2024 at 8:01 pm

    Hungary’s Viktor Orbán visits fellow dictator wannabe visit Donald Trump, as the US and Europe prepare for key elections later this year.

    The longtime Hungarian prime minister, who has faced repeated criticism from the US government over democratic backsliding and his friendly relationship with the Kremlin, will be arriving in the US this week without an invitation from the White House.

    The pro- Putin surrogate he is scheduled to speak on Thursday on a panel with the head of a conservative thinktank, the Heritage Foundation, before meeting Trump in Florida on Friday.

    “We cannot interfere in other countries’ elections but we would very much like to see President Donald Trump return to the White House and make peace here in the eastern half of Europe,” he stressed.

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