Trump Campaign says Ron DeSantis has a Future as a ‘Pizza Delivery Driver

  • Trump Campaign says Ron DeSantis has a Future as a ‘Pizza Delivery Driver

    Posted by Unknown Member on December 17, 2023 at 9:52 am

    Trump campaign says Ron DeSantis has a future as a ‘pizza delivery driver’ since he won’t be able to work in politics ‘ever again’

    The Florida Criminal Defendant Donald Trump’s campaign thinks Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has ruined his chances of a future in politics by ‘tainting his name’ during the 2024 presidential campaign.

    ‘He did this to himself,’ Trump spokesperson Steven Cheung told, referencing DeSantis’ poll demise and his decision to turn on the ex-president on the campaign trail.

    DeSantis is trailing Trump for second place in the primary race by several dozen points – with the Criminal Defendant leading the rest of the field with usually around half of the support from voters.

    So what would DeSantis do if he’s not in politics after his gubernatorial term ends in Florida in 2024?

    Cheung says there are two options: ‘Pizza delivery driver or Democrat surrogate for Joe Biden, since he’s acting like one of them already.’

    The Twice Impeached, 4 Times Indicted, Criminal Defendant charged with 91 Felonies thinks it was ‘disloyal’ and ‘traitorous’ for DeSantis to run for president this year instead of waiting until he is no longer in the running.

    A campaign spokesperson for DeSantis dismissed the criticism when reached by, and pointed to the fact that the ex-president has repeatedly refused to show up for a debate in the 2024 primary cycle so far.

    While the Florida governor was a Trump ally for years, the two have turned against each other in bitter displays from the campaign trail.

    Trump has dubbed his 2024 competitor ‘DeSanctimonious’ and DeSantis has slammed the ex-president for not keeping good on his 2016 campaign promises.

    DeSantis also claims that Trump is wrong to skip out on debating the rest of the GOP field, claiming no one is ‘entitled’ to the Republican presidential nomination.

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