Tesla CyberTruck Rear Wheels Breaking Off Floppy Wet Noodle” Windshield Wipers

  • Tesla CyberTruck Rear Wheels Breaking Off Floppy Wet Noodle” Windshield Wipers

    Posted by Unknown Member on March 13, 2024 at 8:17 am

    Rear Wheels Breaking Off. “Floppy Wet Noodle” Windshield Wipers. Easily Humiliated by a Subaru. This Is the Cybertruck.

    A list of the most disturbing, hilarious, and catastrophic Cybertruck disasters.

    Here’s a serious question: Since Tesla’s Cybertruck was officially rolled out to the public on Nov. 30, has it seen a single week without a series of either hilarious or nigh-catastrophic disasters?

    It has been four years since Elon Musk botched the exhibition of his company’s first electric pickup truck, by touting “unbreakable,” “bulletproof,” “Armor Glass” windows that broke easily after contact with a metal ball.

    (The windows being easy to break might have been a good thing, however: As the Wall Street Journal reported recently, the shipping executive Angela Chao died in a tragic accident after she backed her Tesla Model X into a pond and firefighters, police, and paramedics were unable to break the Tesla’s windows and rescue her.)

    Having now recovered from myriad parts-sourcing and manufacturing issues, the Cybertruck has seen its belated introduction to prime time greeted with much hype—and worry.

    It’s not just the overwhelming size and weight of the thing, or its documented struggles in scaling off-road hills, or its sharp, stainless steel edges, all of which could prove fatal in the event of a collision with pedestrians, bikers, or other drivers.

    Really, it’s … basically everything about this boxy monstrosity. During the November rollout at Tesla’s Texas Gigafactory, tech reporters and other observers made note of the truck’s complicated doors, its floppy and lengthy windshield wipers (which … don’t cover the entire windshield, are rather expensive to replace, and apparently “flop around like a wet noodle”), its windows’ rebranding as “rock-proof” instead of “bulletproof,” and its incredibly faulty anti-crash features. Not long after the event, even more concerning elements came to the public’s attention, in the least ideal way possible: publicly, and dangerously.

    Let’s lay out a little timeline here:

    • Just a few days after the rollout, a transportation-focused TikTokker posted a popular video showing off the Cybertruck’s alarming “visibility fails,” including the driver’s obstructed front and rear views, and the lack of easy functionality for gear shifts and land-change indicators.



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