How does Santos the Phony Phony Differ from Trump the Genuine Phony?

  • How does Santos the Phony Phony Differ from Trump the Genuine Phony?

    Posted by outdoorsguy on December 27, 2023 at 9:52 am

    Imitating Trump’s illusion of invulnerability does not protect one against self-destruction.

    Despite a surfeit of deplorables, the mind-boggling Santos saga defines the Trumpist dumpster bottomland

    Easy riddle: What’s even worse than a slimy, two-bit, third-rate, monumentally failed con man?

    One who makes an equally scurrilous, more flagrant, more powerful charlatan seem less objectionable.

    How revealing that, without much ado, the most scandalized member of Congress gets the ax while Trump, the most scandalized president, survives two impeachments and 91 felony indictments, perched atop the GOP putsch.

    Plus, why hasn’t the Santos shame tainted the party, if not Trumpism, as his iconic bad faith only took modern GOP grift politics to its logical extreme. Ditto for Trump: how much unending infamy does it take to undermine a national party?

    Why did Santos, for years rotten to the core, implode like a bombed arsenal yet Trump endures, fighting off hordes of prosecutions?

    Right off, Santos had no inherited treasure, the wrong sexuality, and no friends in high places. Soon after being sworn in, Santos was humiliated by reports of heinous illegality that varied from the serious to the ridiculous, such gross violations even sleepy journalists unearthed unfitness. So many were undeniable that even the GOP-controlled Ethics Committee eventually produced a scathing judgment.

    Unlike Trump, apparently able to charm servile victims before wrecking their lives, Santos offended scads in his path, even onerous MAGA buddies. His unchecked outlawry (here and abroad) were surpassed only by charmlessness and jaw-dropping myopia—all making Trump look almost conscious of reality.

    Santos the eventual convict never learned Trumpian mastery of manipulation, the spoiled rich kid forever keeping his head above water by misusing law, media, family, chutzpah, and intimidation as cudgels.

    Neither Santos nor Trump respect (nor understand) the mandate of law, but Trump learned how to avoid implicating himself, no verifiable written orders when coded commands to lackeys worked.

    However inept as crime boss, Trump’s protective radar warns him how far to go, in what context, and when to stop. Stealing state secrets and inciting a seditious riot were exceptions, not the rule. As president, he knew that whatever he did, short of committing murder on tape, would be protected by the owned Republican Senate gang.

    Trump also understood money (and tactical charades) better than Santos, knowing what worthless trinkets pander to MAGA suckers—hats, pictures, playing cards, even a fragment of his indictment photo suit (glorified as the “most important artifact in American history”). No one matches the amoral Trump brew of boundless gall, greed and doggedness—and his mania to lead a cult, whether to glory or disaster.

    Santos exemplifies the small-fry, low-talent hustler who leaped way above his weight class. Imitating Trump’s illusion of invulnerability does not protect one against self-destruction. Congress seemed a modest jump, but the instant scrutiny killed him.

    Thus Santos is helpless against federal prosecution while Trump holds his own against a wave of indictments, a slew of personal lawsuits, and the mighty Dept. of Justice. For the first time, Trump will be held accountable, though not quickly. Perhaps Trump falls before Santos gets released from prison.

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