Donald Trump Attempt Trump Org Move or Gift to Ivanka will not save Company

  • Donald Trump Attempt Trump Org Move or Gift to Ivanka will not save Company

    Posted by outdoorsguy on December 29, 2023 at 10:43 am

    Donald Trump can’t dodge his NY fraud verdict by moving Trump Org or giving it to Ivanka:

    Remember how outraged Donald Trump’s fraud-trial judge sounded in September, when he ordered the dissolution of much, if not all, of the Trump Organization?

    Back then, six days before trial, the judge scorned Trump’s history of fraudulent, “pie-in-the-sky” net-worth statements in a company-crippling ruling that’s on hold, for now, pending appeal.

    Three months later, things are not looking any better for Trump and his golf-resort and real-estate empire.

    After 10-and-½ weeks of testimony, and with only closing briefs and arguments left before he issues his verdict, New York Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron appears even more convinced of, and gobsmacked by, Trump’s fraud.

    “Voluminous,” Engoron called the state attorney general’s evidence of wrongdoing, in a mid-December decision that described Trump’s $1,350-an-hour star accounting witness with this wry statement: “For a million or so dollars, some experts will say whatever you want them to say.”

    So what can we expect next from a Manhattan judge who’s already openly affronted by a decade’s worth of proven fraud and three long years of fighting Trump over pretrial subpoenas, contempt-of-court rulings, and gag orders?

    When the verdict comes down sometime before the end of January, will Engoron kill, cripple, or merely sting Trump’s business empire?

    Experts Business Insider reached out to are leaning toward “kill.”

    “The judge has already declared the corporate death penalty,” Diana Florence, a veteran financial-crimes prosecutor for the Manhattan district attorney’s office now in private practice, said.

    “He can try to claim he was deprived of his property without his Constitutional right to due process,” Moscow said.

    “And the answer will be, ‘You’ve had three years of process of law,'” he said, noting the length of time that the case has been before Engoron, both pretrial and on trial.

    “It’s bullshit,” Moscow said. “But they’ll try it.”


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