10 Most Shocking Revelations From The Epstein Documents

  • 10 Most Shocking Revelations From The Epstein Documents

    Posted by ObscureandFuzzy on January 4, 2024 at 6:31 pm

    Shocking indeed!

    10 Most Shocking Revelations From The Epstein Documents

    1. Bill Clinton was only mentioned 50 times: Everyone figured that number would be WAY higher.
    2. The blue temple had a series of puzzles, enemies, and locked doors you had to overcome before you could obtain the sacred gem and proceed to the next temple: It was challenging, but there were reportedly multiple save points.
    3. The most frequent visitor to the island was a guy named “John Doe”: What a sicko.
    4. All the billionaires kept accidentally grabbing Bill Gates’s boobs: Gates is rumored to be cooking up a new virus to get revenge.
    5. Visitors were surprised to find out the island had Mr. Pibb instead of Dr. Pepper: What a disappointment.
    6. Chris Christie was banned from the island after the “buffet incident”: Rumor has it the island was never able to fully restock the kitchen.
    7. David Copperfield was unable to make his name disappear: Some magician he is.
    8. Stephen Hawking claimed to believe he was visiting Einstein Island: Professor Hawking also claimed to have only received a tire rotation while on the island.
    9. The island served as the research headquarters for the Dharma Initiative: Visitors were still unable to ever discover why there were polar bears, underground hatches, and strange whispers on the island.
    10. Epstein actually did kill himself: Who knew?


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