gay campsites in southern ontario canada

  • gay campsites in southern ontario canada

    Posted by apparition on October 9, 2023 at 10:21 pm

    There are 4 gay campgrounds in southern ontario canada

    we have a tent trailer and get power and water so that is our baseline, but all have some areas of just tents and no services: prices are all similar 100 bucks a night give or take. all have pools that are acceptable for hanging out standing in. None of them are really on beaches or anything and none are really near any interesting towns, they are pretty out in the boonies on the equivalent of large farm type locales.

    The point : men only “club” except 2 weekends a year for families. all types of camping, fully electric and water to field. Lots of water nearby. Nice bathrooms , and even outdoor showers in the field. heated pool good all season. 80% clothing optional area. have to have your own internet. friendly. usually older annual members trailers above my paygrade and well gardened. forest sex playground. Booking opens mid winter and about all 50 electric/water sites overbooked in minutes. theme weekends. Sites are a good size and large trees semi private between. water is great and even in the tents only section never out of sight of a tap you can use. outdoor wash sinks are convenient too. Spectacular 20′ tropical planters in the pool areas. Dance hall in one of these half cylinder airplane hanger type military buildings. themed weekends. immaculate grounds.

    Cedars: Mixed LGBT, nudity only in a tiny back field nobody goes to. No running water anywhere on site but they provide dubious square (toxic waste style) tanks on more expensive sites I wouldnt put in my camper plumbing. Pool is nice. Huge barn where they hold dances. Cedar lined bathroom in the front. portapotties in the cheap field. Mostly gravel everywhere with power, soggy field in the back. My least favourite camp of the 4. internet by the pool. sites barely adequate, no privacy at all, no trees anywhere. overrun with lesbians in my opinion. no real water. equivalent to a money grabbing straight campground. least favourite.

    Rainbow ridge: lgbt, nude only in designated back field , women not usually go there, but men hang out on the deck nude. Very hilly and windy. no provided internet and limited tower service except rogers internet. clothing only pool has phenomenal deck. water is good

    Riverside: men only, nude popular in perverts row as the call it on the main strip, clothing optional nice fenced off pool at front office area(but strangely about 100 yard section of open field must wear clothes back to your sites (view from highway)) Annual trailers farther back is not clothing optional. Parties in the huge picnic shelter . Mostly older in slow periods, but younger eyecandy hanging out nude on popular weekends in perverts row. campsites are ridiculously huge with mature trees lined between. bathroom by pool and concrete washrooms in central area (5 min walk giant hill to get there) internet provided by the pool only. water is good.

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