California Woman Fatally Shot For Displaying Pride Flag Outside Her Store

  • California Woman Fatally Shot For Displaying Pride Flag Outside Her Store

    Posted by outdoorsguy on August 22, 2023 at 7:57 am

    The death of 66-year-old Laura Ann Carleton sparked tribute posts
    honoring her for being a pillar of support and a “true ally” of the
    LGBTQ+ community.

    A 66-year-old woman in Southern California was shot dead on Friday for displaying a Pride flag outside her store, according to law enforcement.

    Deputies responded on Friday evening to a report of a shooting at Mag Pi, a clothing store in Lake Arrowhead owned by Laura Ann Carleton. Authorities found Carleton at the store with a gunshot wound and pronounced her dead at the scene, according to a press release from the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department.

    The male suspect, who has not yet been identified, fled the scene on foot before authorities arrived. Law enforcement said the man was armed when confronted by deputies, and was killed in what the sheriff’s department said was a “lethal force encounter.” The investigation is ongoing.

    “Through further investigation, detectives learned the suspect made several disparaging remarks about a rainbow flag that stood outside the store before shooting Carleton,” police said.

    Lake Arrowhead LGBTQ, an organization that helps create inclusive spaces for the queer community, posted on Instagram over the weekend honoring Carleton. While she did not identify as LGBTQ+, according to the organization, she did spend “her time helping & advocating for everyone in the community.”

    On the store’s website, Carleton said that Mag Pi “is all about tackling everyday life with grace and ease and continuing to dream.” The business owner had a long career in fashion, at one point serving as an executive at Kenneth Cole for 15 years.

    “With a penchant for longevity, she has been married to the same man for 28 years and is the mother of a blended family of nine children, the youngest being identical twin girls,” the website said.

    “Lauri was a pillar in our community, an immovable force in her values for equality, love, and justice. If you knew Lauri you know she loved hard, laughed often, and nurtured and protected those she cared about. She was a force, she loved to crack jokes and wanted to live as joyful of a life as possible,” the post read.

    “We will continue to stand for the values she so selflessly stood for. Her death will not be in vain.”


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    America is sick! I have never been more ashamed to call myself an american! I’m so disgusted and sickened watching where the republican cult has taken us under MINORITY rule! And we have let them! The hillbilly states that have ‘super majorities’ have them because of gerrymandering, voter suppression, fear mongering, apathy and disconnection by the electorate that is sick of lies! Take your country back people! It’s our country and our responsibility to make it what we KNOW we want it to be! VOTE!! If you don’t take responsibility, you have no right to complain.

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