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Sittard, Nederland


My goal in life is to enjoy it every day. Words that describe me are: loyal, very flexible, open minded, attentive, caring, romantic, warm, well balanced, excellent listener, relaxed, disciplined and focused on my goals.I enjoy learning new things, reading non-fictional books and investing time in personal development. But this has not made me into a nerd. I still have my sense for humor and a desire to enjoy life. My favorite sports are cycling, running, and a little bit of fitness.

Looking for friends: Men who enjoy learning and improving themselves, without turning into a nerd. Not interested in finding a partner here, so please do not contact me with that goal in the back of your mind.Intelligent people who have a broad interest in the things life has to offer. I like to meet people who want to expand their horizon. A friendship exists by the balance of communalities and differences. The things that you have in common with me are the basis of our relationship, but the differences between you and me, are the things which makes life more interesting. And of course I expect you to be in good physical and mental shape combined with an active, healthy lifestyle. You are happy with your life and who you are; not looking for someone else to make you happy. Sense of humour is a big plus and taking yourself not too seriously. Also you are not afraid of trying/learning new things and stepping out of your comfort zone.I like to connect with people from every part of the world and want to meet them in person as soon time and travel permits. And then we do things (like getting our bodies in better shape), enjoy life or …. just go along with your plans. No fixed agendas please, I am very flexible.I regard age more to be statistical number, you should have a well balanced mental attitude. It all depends on your state of mind. Any questions, don’t be shy, just send me a message (my first name is Marcel). Please be clear about what motivates you, that you like to get and stay in touch with me. Because of my own busy schedule a trainingbuddy is not on my list. And I do expect that you have put some useful information about yourself in your profile.

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