Reply To: Freedom Convoy – Canadian Truckers / I LOVE YOU

  • curiousbear26

    February 1, 2022 at 7:54 am

    As for everything else regarding what you’ve said? The scientific and medical communities- the professionals- are in overwhelming agreement that the risk of COVID-19 spread is a far bigger risk and concern for the safety of the general public than the risks of taking the vaccine.

    These days, our hospitals are anywhere between 50-90% capacity, with large pluralities, or even majorities of the patients being unvaccinated COVID-positive patients. This is despite the fact that in Canada, these guys make up less than 15% of the general population.

    What you’re doing to us now is causing delays of surgeries. So many COVID patients are in such dire straits that G.S doctors need to be available in case those people crash. So people who need organ transplants, tumor removals, or other similar treatments to treat actual life threatening diseases are being told their surgery is considered “too elective” and needs to be postponed.

    This causes people on those waiting lists to die because they are now waiting for treatment they would have otherwise gotten. To something as ridiculously easy as these selfish people refusing a vaccine that would have made their symptoms far more manageable.

    When the (willfully) unvaccinated start killing the vaccinated by overwhelming our hospitals, while ignoring medical experts, waving their Nazi Flags around and literally shitting on the monuments of our War Heroes, I don’t give a damn what you people say- you can all get bent for all I care.

    One more thing: since our discussion began, another thing that convoy did was throw rocks at an on-duty ambulance because the driver of the ambulance just so happened to be Asian.

    80% of Canada is furious at this convoy, wants it shut down, either by police or military. It’s probably going to happen soon, and when it does, we are going to cheer. Loudly.😄