Reply To: Freedom Convoy – Canadian Truckers / I LOVE YOU

  • curiousbear26

    January 31, 2022 at 2:30 am

    Where the hell is the downvote option? Why does none exist?

    OP- don’t praise this crap unless you’re an anti-vaxxer or a Neo-Nazi.

    These assholes are in every city blaring their horns in crowded busy streets, blocking downtown rush hour traffic, and harassing people for wearing masks. Or threatening to kill any counterprotestors who show up.

    They continue honking their horns after 11 PM- which violates noise disruption laws, and should really be considered disturbing the peace.

    They’re literally pissing on and defiling the monuments of our nation’s heroes, like Terry Fox, and the tomb of the Unmarked Soldier.

    They stormed a soup kitchen meant for the homeless and started harassing staff, demanding they be served and refused to leave only until management threatened to call police on them and told staff to stop serving them.

    They are flying Nazi flags and symbols all over the place, and continue to spout racist, anti-semetic, and homophobic rhetoric constantly (as a person on a gay site having to explain this to you is a ? on its own)

    And the biggest punchline of all is that the actual political logic for their protest is meaningless, because they’re demanding that Justin Trudeau overturn BOTH Canada’s AND the USA’s matching law that unvaccinated truckers cannot cross the border. This is something our government literally does not have the power to do. We cannot compel the US to do anything, but these idiots are demanding it anyway.

    If you support this, then you’re just as bad as they are.