Reply To: Worrisome Threat From Iran

  • newstome

    May 28, 2022 at 10:26 am

    What do you expect from the “Dumbocrats” brilliance? Look at how late they are addressing the infant formula shortage here. If a company has 40% of the market and shuts down for months, is it any wonder the situation we have. This was all predictable and preventable. The FDA and the Abbott bosses should be fired. And, where’s the US leadership on the grain crisis caused by Russia? Shouldn’t the US be finding alternatives in cooperation with other grain-producing nations and try to make-up some of the difference to feed the world? Maybe genetic engineering of grains is the solution. Take that “Dumbocrats” brilliance and apply it to Iran … might as well repeat having stacks of cash flown in from the US just like the Obama administration did and let Iran build-up their weapons arsenal, terrorism and nuclear ambitions.