Reply To: Shots Every Eight Months according to Fauci

  • mwolverine

    September 4, 2021 at 1:56 am

    Once again we see how shoddy ClownJokeAZ’s “research” is.
    Completely subpar & useless, like his reading comprehension.
    This article is not about the Mu variant but about the C.1.2 variant.

    Furthermore, from the conclusion of the article:

    || The bigger worry is this, Lorenzo-Redondo said: That more dangerous variants will crop up as infections continue to spread through vulnerable, unvaccinated populations.

    || To avoid the rise of more variants that could prolong the epidemic, he said, more people around the world need to have access to vaccines.

    Variants are a function of transmission. The more transmissions, the higher the odds of a mutation. The more mutations, the higher the odds of a more dangerous variant.

    C.1.2 is a variant of the original South Africa variant that has evolved into a potentially worse bug. Most mutations will die out because they don’t provide an evolutionary advantage, but every now and then a virus will get lucky and a mutation will be beneficial to spreading itself far and wide.

    For C.1.2 to outdo Delta, it’s got to be more badass as a virus. If it’s not, it won’t take over. If it is, it will – and make life worse for humans.

    This is another of many reasons to focus efforts on nipping it in the bud (yup, too late). Before it spreads and mutates out of control. Rather than laying out for it a feast it can rip through.