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5' 8"


185 lb


Huntington Beach, CA


Starting over, since my old RJ profile was apparently a casualty of the site upgrade. Hope I can find/reconnect with the few friends I already had on here and make some new ones. Just your basic gym guy, trying to get back into the swing of things. Pre-Pandemic, I had been hitting the gym regularly for years, 2-3x/week, usually about 20 minutes cardio on the elliptical, then some stretching and ab work, then resistance training with an emphasis on upper body: Back, Chest, Shoulders, Arms. Still not comfortable with the gym environment, even with vax and masks, but miss the motivation I got from being around people, even if I seldom interacted directly with any of them.

Personality-wise, I’m a Scorpio, Libra Ascending, Taurus Moon. Meyers-Briggs ENFP. Politically Liberal and a Progressive Christian (Congregationalist/United Church of Christ), but none of those things define me totally.

Fun fact: I also spent about four years in London UK, working on a BA degree as a ‘Mature Student’ (ha ha). Other fun places I’ve been: SF, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, Munich. Still on my list: NYC, Paris.

Oh…and I dish up generous helpings of fresh snark and flirt shamelessly.

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Crossfit, Gymnastics, Rugby, Weightlifting