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New Orleans, LA




5' 8"


185 lb


I need a massive muscled bodybuilding beast to crave and ache to flex his jacked up muscles for me to worship anytime I need his body. I need him to want my muscles against his. Feeling strength pushing against power, Ahhhh.  MUSCLE.

I live and breathe MUSCLE. I dream about MUSCLE. I want and I am MUSCLE.
I want to be fucking massive. I want to feel the power of muscle surging through my whole body every waking moment. I want my extra large shirts to feel tight and skimpy compared to my size. I want my TRIPLE EXTRA LARGE shirts to feel tight. When I look down at my feet all I want to see is the rippling mass of my massive pecs. When I raise my arms I want my movement to be limited by the sheer size of my arms and shoulders. I want to outgrow all of my jeans because my quads and my ass would just be too fucking huge to fit in them all. I want my back to spread out like the wings of a fucking jet plane.

I want to be too big to fit into doorways. I want each step I take to echo and groan under the weight of my muscle. I want people to stare, in envy and in fear and in lust. I want everyone to know how strong I am. How HUGE I am. I want to keep growing. I want to grow more than anyone has grown before. I want to keep going.

I want MORE
I want to be fucking massive.

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