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Saint Petersburg, FL, USA




5' 9"


160 lb


*I have lived in the St. Petersburg area for 24 years and was a member of Family Fitness, L.A. Fitness, You fit and now, have all the equipment, anyone would want, right here in my new home.
I’d like to blame, on Covid, my loss of energy, but, more than likely, it’s the lack of my Workout bud. There was an unspoken competition, in the gym, which helped me get out those last few reps. I miss using him as a spotter, so I could increase my weights and lengthen each set. I need a workout bud and would like to find a Pilot for my Tandem bike. You see, I am totally blind ( Glaucoma ) and I can’t watch myself in the gym’s mirrors, to keep proper form, and I can’t steer the bike. Rather than sitting on a stationary bike for aerobics, I prefer, the great out of doors. *Fit older man, still trying to gain size. Have my own well equipped gym. Looking for serious Workout Buddy. Am nude, when I workout-supreme comfort. Love cycling and rowing and canoeing. Gotta push the gators out of the way, carefully, while on the bayous.

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