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Woodfords, California




5' 8"


130 lb


If you like hiking and wilderness experiences, you can read more.  But, if you liked Trump, you need not read more . You will hate me😞


ENERGETIC BOTTOM 5’7.5″ tall, 130lbs, lean athletic body, 29″ waist undetectable hiv positive with a great positive attitude. I enjoy exploring the great outdoors, hiking thru nature. I describe myself as a sexaholic bottom 🙂 I enjoy kissing, cuddling, companionship, and good sex 😉 Looking for a man who is also in-shape, happy attitude, and enjoys nature/country life.

I love the adventure of the great outdoors. I am often climbing mountains and exploring/hiking wilderness areas. I have been trying visit the highest point of each of the lower 48 states– been involved with natural history and earth science since college days.

My college education resulted in an elementary school teaching career. Retired from that now. Currently home improvement and canvas oil painting (wilderness landscapes) take most of my time.

I learned a lot while teaching and continue trying to learn each day. Currently I am studying wá:šiw ?ítlu, the native American language from the Tahoe (dá?aw) region.

I have a scientific approach to the universe and have a spiritual connection with life.

I had my Celtic lunar horoscope read to me, and it gave a fairly accurate description of my personality (Ivy) than the Zodiac Libra. I am a passive, patient, soft-spoken person. I am a non smoker, don’t do drugs, and may have a social drink only.

Not looking to be “legally married” but rather married “in love” and preferably cohabitating. No one is perfect, but everyone should consider self-improvement rather than self-destructive behaviors. I desire someone who is down to earth, adventurous, responsible, kind, and honest and respects himself (doesn’t do drugs, smoke, abuse alcohol, etc) as well as nice to others. I would hope to be with someone emotionally and financially stable.  I find intelligence, being skilled, and good hygiene as attractive.

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