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Calgary, AB, Canada




5' 7"


150 lb


If you care at all about me, you will ask.

I’m easily moved to tears by the suffering of others – be they human or especially animals.

I’m also HIGHLY clairvoyant.  Although love tends to really scramble my vibes and my spidey senses.

I’m a Bohemian and a beatnik.  I’m everything and nothing you expect me to be.
People have absolutely NO CLUE as to how talented I am in certain areas, and I don’t advertise it.

Only my REAL friends know this.  People Online, sadly, could care less beyond the superficial.

I can be your best friend or your worst enemy – the choice is yours.  I no longer put up with people’s bullshit, because I’ve been around the block more times than a London bus.

I love.  I love passionately and with emotion.
But if I feel I’m been taken for granted I can snatch that love back and block you with an abruptness that will hurt.
It is my defense mechanism after being taken in and played more times than I care to remember.

Other than that, I’m a great, loyal, caring guy.
I would give you the world – as long as you’re of the same mantra as me.


~ Jared.

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Baseball, Football (American), Gymnastics, Hiking, Hockey, Karate, Mountain Biking, Powerlifting, Skiing, Swimming, Weightlifting, Wrestling