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San Francisco




5' 11"


175 lb


Over-educated emigrant from the Midwest.  Enjoy skiing, swimming, and hiking in the mountains.

Like classical music. Would love to have heard Callas perform, and would have enjoyed knowing Noel Coward, but both were before my time. If stranded on a desert island, besides the company of a hot man, would want at least recordings of Beethoven’s Egmont overture and Mozart’s clarinet concerto.

Like visiting France and Italy.  Never return without bringing back some cheese or wine.

Happily married for 20+ years – not looking to date or hookup.  Had a number of boyfriends before him. I’ve had a lot of casual sex, but I would not say that I ever “hooked up” with anyone – there was almost always the prospect of spending a night or more with any guy I ever had sex with.

Same screen name as on the former version of RealJock.

Tempis fugit – more later, if this site should ever get more activity.

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Cycling, Hiking, Skiing, Swimming