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Eugene, Oregon, USA


I like hiking swimming, nudity, photography, hot springs, camping and rock hounding. I am a great cook, indoors and outdoors.  I read science fiction.  My taste in movies and music is pretty broad.   Personality beats looks. Talent beats size.  I am finally recovered from a bout with cancer.  I am looking forward to getting out this summer (2022).  I have lost 15 pounds and plan to lose five to ten more.  I am going to get dark brown this summer, hopefully without a tan line.  I no longer work so I have plenty of free time.

7/21/22  I’ve been down the the Willamette River at Eugene’s nude beach Glassbar Island a dozen times now.  It’s so good to be able to do things again.  My skin remembered how to tan and I am getting dark already.  It’s been about 90 degrees and the water is perfect.  I feel for the people back east in the heatwave.

12/19/2022  I am not interested in long distance relationships.  I am interested in people like me and who like the things I like.  Thanks anyway.

1/29/23  I joined a gym 2 days ago.  I have been swimming 200 yards. 50 then sauna, 50 then steam room, 50 then hot tub, and then 50 more.  I will be getting weights and cardio set up with a trainer that I get for a day.  I weigh 145 lbs. now (I’ve shed 20 lbs. so far) but I still have a gut.  That’s my ideal weight but I have lost muscle and gained fat.  I’m switching that back again.  Boy do I love that steam.  The hot/cold after workout will be very helpful.

5/24/2023  I am getting tanned already.  I have to get rid of my tanline from my shoes.

6/15/23 lost 5 more pounds.  down to 140.  I’ve taken off 25lbs.

7/28/2023 I’m tanned and having a great summer.  I’m making up for lost time.

11/8/23 I had a great summer but now I’m limping again. I have to have a hip replacement in January.

3/3/24  Leg is healed.  It feels great. Down to my college weight 125 lbs.  I’ve lost 40 lbs.  Feels much better.

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