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Washington, DC




5' 11"


185 lb


Retired NASA here.   Have been working out with my trainer for 14 years (2021), currently 3 times a week, focusing on building strength and maintaining lean muscle.  Not into bulking.   Enjoy my workouts – trainer has really helped, not only with my lifting, but low key cardio to keep the bodyfat down, and diet.   Fortunate that he has his own training studio and during the pandemic has been the only one training.  Still being cautious, wearing masks and sanitizing.  Fully vaccinated.  Also enjoy getting outside (favorite part of the US is northern New Mexico), most types of music (favorite is french popular), college basketball (alumnus of a pretty good basketball school), art, wine, travel, exploration and discovery.   Love new experiences, whether food, languages, or people – I thrive on being exposed to, and appreciating/respecting, differences as well as similarities.  Not into casual sex or hookups; looking for friends and chats to begin with; like to take time to get to know someone.

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