Reply To: Critique of Bart D.E. by Ralph E.

  • bookauthor

    August 13, 2023 at 3:33 pm

    Ralph E.
    So, if Jesus were a prince and later a king, he would have had aristocrats as friends.
    Jesus, himself, was a wealthy aristocrat, given his gifts at birth.

    Give readers a FULL evaluation of the gospel texts.

    If Matthew 2: 1-12 weren’t there (and not performed in most Christmas plays by Christian children), writers and scholars couldn’t be charged with leaving something unexamined.

    Ralph E.
    Galilee wasn’t backwater–Josephus was given command of Galilee.

    Herod the Great also has command of Galilee on his resume.

    Ralph E.
    Bart D.E. says the gospels date to the latter half of the 1st century.
    Why? ! ! ! is there this wait from AD 30 to AD 70?
    Saul was literate.

    There were the Hillel and Shammai schools. There was the Quman community. They were reading and writing. There was Philo and his community.

    I agree with you Ralph, on this point.
    There was no birth of literacy towards the end of the Jewish Revolt and Jewish Civil War such that there was increased demand for the Life of Jesus that didn’t exist before. If anything, those wars would have interrupted schooling. No Jesus of the late 20s/early 30s was referenced or appealed to during the Jewish Civil War and the Jewish Revolt. Josephus (making his speeches against revolt) didn’t appeal to the biblical Jesus, Agrippa II didn’t appeal to the biblical Jesus, saying: we all know Jesus of Galilee from the late 20s/esarly 30s–whatever dating method he would use to give the equivalent time period, probably saying we al know Jesus of Galilee during the reign of Emperor Tiberius.

    The gospels were written in the AD70s and later because the gospels were War literature and post-War literature.

    Jesus has a prophecy about the destruction of the Temple WITHOUT mentioning religious rebels attacking Rome and Rome’s response to that attack? ! !

    What? Simon (Gioria) will be led to his death but John will live (get a life sentence)–what is it to you, Peter?

    Ehrman misses avoiding the ruse that 40 years passes before Jesus of a questionable late 20s/early 30s time period.

    40 years of oral tradition without this “Jesus” being mentioned in the schools of Hillel and Shammai, without being specifically mentioned in the Qumran community, without being mentioned specifically in Philo’s community.

    Bart is giving you disinformation by omission.
    Ehrman does not want to bring up too many stumbling blocks to the gospel narrative.

    = = = Pick up at 29:57
    Bart D.E., says Jesus was not a priest.

    Hebrews 7 explains how Jesus could become a priest.