Saul’s Persecution

  • Saul’s Persecution

    Posted by bookauthor on March 31, 2022 at 1:56 pm

    With Jesus Gone, Why Would Followers of Jesus in Judea and Galilee and Churches outside of Judea and Galilee Need to Be Persecuted by Pharisees?


    #1 If they were remembering him by re-enacting the Last Supper – violation of Leviticus 17: 10-11

    #2 The only problem with Jesus was that he was advocating a kingdom within Judea and Galilee unauthorized by the Roman Empire.
    That kingdom may have been seen to be larger than the Roman Empire, a global kingdom preceded by Judgement of all individuals in the world.
    This also had the seeds of insurrection which Jewish leaders wanted to avoid with the Roman Empire.

    #3 Look at the gospel verses that say, “from that point on, they plotted to kill Jesus.”

    #4 Followers of Jesus were taught to go beyond externalities, public appearances, before respecting people and institutions as holy.
    This taught people to question authority: pharisees, Temple authorities, Rome.

    #5 Following the Son of Man or the Son of God upset the status quo and how the religious institutions of Ancient Judaism set up their hierarchy:
    Torah and Temple, not Torah, Temple, and Messiah. Advancing Judaism as Jesus did and incorporating innovative ways of Jesus was not going to be endorsed.

    #6 Jesus likely would be proven to be a false apocalyptic prophet (Deut. 18: 20-22). Just let there be no Great Judgment after Tribulation or no Glorious Kingdom after Tribulation and Great Judgment, Jesus himself would be judged as misleading the “children” of Abraham.

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    Are there reasons why followers of Jesus should not have been persecuted by pharisees, for example, Saul?

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