Reply To: Welcome Back

  • joeclark

    July 31, 2021 at 3:55 pm

    In its very first week back, RealJock is informed its membership includes irredeemable pests. Instead of deleting their accounts for a clean fresh start, RealJock assigns the burden of what used to be called moderation to individual users.

    One man’s pest is another man’s contrarian, and we know from the previous incarnation that RealJock operates under the present-day truth régime (don’t question transgenderism, don’t talk about race except to venerate blacks, always capitalize the B in Black because to do otherwise is racist, never capitalize the W in White because to do is is racist – you will all be familiar with these universally imposed diktats). Hence RealJock will immediately ban dissidents but will allow irredeemable pests free rein forever.

    After all, we can just block them.

    Fun fact: Some of us have been online for decades and indeed have decades of experience with what does and does not work with discussion fora. Try to reinvent the wheel and you’ll end up with Fred Flintstone’s car. And you won’t end up with Bam-Bam’s musculature as part of the bargain.