Reply To: Freedom Convoy – Canadian Truckers / I LOVE YOU

  • curiousbear26

    February 1, 2022 at 5:25 pm

    Sir, your sources aren’t from credible news agencies. Sorry to tell you that, the places where you get your information is profitting off of brainwashing and exploiting you.

    What’s more, even if there were any published cases where healthy people injected from the vaccine have died (you know, other than the obvious reason of accidental anaphlyatic shock), I defy you to prove to me more than 100 healthy young people died after taking the vaccine, when far more young people have died from COVID or had permanent crippling effects from Long COVID.

    We do know about the side effects such as arrythmia and whatnot, and while they can be crippling, they’re extremely rare, much rarer than your chances of catching COVID or suffering long COVID, or worse- killing someone else you transmit COVID to.

    But since you aren’t even Canadian, and don’t seem to care much for what the mainstream scientists are saying, or how this convoy has been abusing us, I don’t even see a point in bothering to argue with you any further on this topic. So enjoy living on your island- just know that this fringe minority is hated by a large majority of the entire country and we’re actively rooting for its dismantlement.