Reply To: Freedom Convoy – Canadian Truckers / I LOVE YOU

  • CuriousBear26

    February 1, 2022 at 7:43 am

    First of all, adverse reactions are not random, they’re more likely to happen to the immuno-compromised. If you’re immuno-compromised and worried about getting a severe reaction from the vaccine, either from an allergy in your medical history or from having too weak of an immune system to handle the side-effects, talk to your doctor about it.

    Then when your doctor agrees with you, and hands you a medical exemption: BAM! You’re immune from the wrath of the public and the enforcements of every mandate and law targetting the unvaccinated. Let me repeat this: WE DO NOT CARE ABOUT PEOPLE WITH MEDICAL EXEMPTIONS. These guys are innocent, have actual reasons not to get the vaccine, are often exclusively protected from being the target of every vaccine mandate and law of every country, and the vast majority of the vaccinated sympathize with them. Why? Because they have always been the most likely to die from the virus, and it’s not even their fault!

    Now, if you consult with your doctor, and they inform you that your immune system is perfectly fine enough to fight any possible side effects of the vaccine, and that you are not going to experience an allergic reaction based on your medical history and the components of the vaccine, and your response to your doctor is to tell him to go shove it, after studying and practicing this field for decades: you are a jerk, and you deserve the full consequences for your actions, both legal and medical!