Reply To: Klaus Schwab article by Michael Baxter

  • bookauthor

    April 17, 2024 at 4:29 pm


    After capitalism has been used by public morons to go to college and not pay for it
    What makes someone else think We the People should pay for their poor judgement and worthless degree?


    When did the City University of New York stop being free?

    June 1976

    In June 1976, with CUNY’s budget in tatters, the Board of Higher Education broke down and imposed tuition on CUNY students in exchange for a total state takeover of four-year college finances (the community colleges would still largely be carried on New York City’s budget).

    For further information, google:
    “Wikipedia and List of Baruch College alumni” and look at those who finished their studies before June 1976. There were many White men who were officers and managing directors of companies in New York City who graduated from a CUNY college.