Reply To: Jimmy Dore on the State Department. Then Michael Baxter.

  • bookauthor

    April 2, 2024 at 1:34 pm

    YouTube Channel: Redacted
    Video: Baltimore Bridge was a Cyber Attack and an Economic Nuke against America

    Biden’s position: nothing to see here, just an accident, we’ll pay for it.

    And when we have to defend ourselves, the Baltimore Bridge collapse will be an explanation why we cannot do all we can do to defend ourselves.

    The black box is missing important parts of its recording. Biden is compromised by China and Ukraine.

    The Bridge disaster was supposed to be bigger: toxic waste was supposed to be spilled or was spilled.

    It could be said Biden doesn’t want citizens alarmed and in a panic..

    L responds:

    There’s a massive gas pipeline under the carnage. So, it seems it didn’t blow up like they wanted.. 👍

    M_W responds:

    After working around Hazardous Material shipment reg’s for years, I’m coming to the conclusion the entire sector is in need of a major overhaul.

    When it comes to weighing the needs of industry, the environment and economic reality, basing HazMat shipping decisions should not, CAN not use “because we can make a killing..!” as metric.

    Often oil tankers are rerouted on the high seas driven by market conditions. We can assume the same decision matrix is in play for other commodities. Chemical producers and shipping lines should be required to go thru a waiver process based on humanitarian needs first. Lessening the tonnage of HazMat pulsing thru our oceans and waterways.

    Can it be produced in country? Will delayed shipment create a work stoppage? How critical is this work stoppage..?

    T responds:

    Like Biden is actually concerned with the US citizens! LOL