Reply To: Michael Baxter: Conviction and Punishment of an Admiral

  • bookauthor

    March 24, 2024 at 2:41 pm

    What an account of an admiral not only dealing with accepting his fate but also facing the dismantling of his reality: Biden is the President and there is a hierarchy of power from Biden. His reality did not compute from that arithmetic. Rear Admiral Michael Platt with his white uniform and many medals, each one earned and reason for pride, ego, and leadership awareness. In the picture, he even has a sword at his side. Then he calls to another admiral who will not honor him with a response. How he must have ignored the “misinformation.” He wouldn’t confess: “Me? An enemy combatant against the United States? Surely, a military tribunal cannot convict me of that, so I will choose that because I can survive that nonsense.”

    Platt needed to know the case against Biden. Platt was not presented the case so he could have his fog lifted and contemplate better his choice of confession vs tribunal.

    STILL, the white hats have not been able to present their case publicly. Platt is not the only one to refuse to accept being on the wrong side of right. Is it going to be that hard for others to accept the white hats version of reality? Is it going to be that hard for others to accept that the situation has gone way past the claim that Trump must be a racist because he didn’t side with dreamers? Is it going to be that hard for others to accept that Jan 6 did look like a revolt deserving incarceration?

    “Surely the millions of people who have illegally crossed the border are well-meaning dreamers, too.” No, question that what we have now is a corruption of the pro-dreamer argument.

    Keep score, Platt and others: the Hunter Biden laptop issue WAS important, Trump questioning Zelensky about Biden has turned out to be for good reason, the dossier turned out not to be a factual negative for Trump.So, walk back the impeachment and walk back some of that ungrounded dislike of Trump because reasons have been overturned.

    Did Trump seductively whisper, “Get vaccinated.” It was not safe and effective, there have been adverse reactions.Billions of dollars spent on Ukraine would not have contributed to the trillions of dollars in debt we currently have.

    Platt placed his loyalties and made a decision when he could not see, due to fog or lack of light on important issues. He honestly did not know, it seems to me. He was fully invested.