Reply To: X-Rays Near Cockpit Leads to Deaths of Military Pilots

  • bookauthor

    March 23, 2024 at 1:03 pm

    They are both electromagnetic waves.
    Both can cause cancer.

    Google, what is the difference between X-rays and infrared rays?

    If you turn on a burner on an electric stove, you can feel
    it warm up before the heating element starts to glow.
    The invisible heat you feel is infrared radiation, or
    infrared rays. Infrared rays are electromagnetic waves
    with wavelengths shorter than those of radio waves.

    X-rays are electromagnetic waves with wavelengths just shorter than those of ultraviolet rays. Their
    frequencies are just a little higher than ultraviolet rays.
    Because of their high frequencies, X-rays carry more
    energy than ultraviolet rays and can penetrate most matter.
    But dense matter, such as bone or lead, absorbs X-rays
    and does not allow them to pass through. Therefore, X-
    rays are used to make images of bones inside the body or
    of teeth. X-rays pass through skin and soft tissues, causing
    the photographic film in the X-ray machine to darken when
    it is developed. The bones, which absorb X-rays, appear
    as the lighter areas on the film.
    Too much exposure to X-rays can cause cancer.