Reply To: Letitia James Will Seize Trump’s Buildings If $354M Fraud Fine Not Paid

  • Unknown Member

    February 21, 2024 at 8:42 am

    Why Trump Can’t Move His Assets Out of New York To Avoid Fraud Trial Penalties?

    That’s a reasonable question. It’s also one for which James, aided by Engoron, has had an answer in place for more than a year, by way of the preliminary injunction she obtained in November 2022.

    Under that injunction, through which retired federal Judge Barbara Jones was named the “independent monitor” for the Trump Organization, the three Trumps — and any of their employees or representatives, or any others acting at their direction — are prohibited from taking certain actions without notifying the attorney general, court or independent monitor.

    Specifically, they cannot sell, transfer or otherwise dispose of “any non-cash asset listed on the 2021 Statement of Financial Condition of Donald J. Trump, without first providing 14 days written notice to OAG and this Court.”

    They also have to give the monitor at least 30 days’ notice of “any planned or anticipated restructuring of the Trump Organization, its subsidiaries, and all other affiliates, or of any plans for disposing or refinancing of significant Trump Organization assets, or disposing significant liquidity.”

    What does that mean in plain English?

    Without telling the judge, the AG or the court-appointed monitor, the Trump Org cannot just play three-card monte and move their buildings or cash around so that they wind up in new business entities outside New York. Instead, at best, they have to give Engoron, James and/or Jones a head start of anywhere from two weeks to a month, in which time Trump and his fellow defendants could be further enjoined.

    The bottom line is Trump and company are mostly stuck in place until the State of New York seizes and sells the property to recoup the 450 million for non payment .

    The Court hereby enjoins Donald Trump and the Trump Organization and its affiliates from applying for loans from any financial institution chartered by or registered with the New York State Department of Financial Services for a period of three years

    Expect the Florida criminal to reach out to Putin the Saudis and or China to save his corrupt companies.