Reply To: NYC Park Turned Into Giant Toilet; Littered With Poop, Cups Of Urine

  • outdoorsguy

    January 24, 2024 at 10:35 am

    New Yorkers are scrambling for public restroom access with limited availability

    While a new bill would require city departments to identify a new restroom location in every ZIP code, it stops short from ordering their completion.

    It’s a unifying situation that all New Yorkers and city visitors face at some point: finding a place to go while on the go.

    In a city of more than 8 million people, the number of public restrooms translates to about one for every 6,000 individuals.

    And that says nothing of the millions of tourists swarming the city each year, or the fact that while some ZIP codes have a swath of restrooms, others have far fewer.

    New Yorkers have responded to the lack of restrooms in a variety of ways. Some might shell out a couple of dollars to buy a coffee or pack of gum in exchange for that coveted bathroom access.

    Others may try their luck at a hotel or a bustling restaurant. Some may even consult one of the more creative methods that’s sprung up from the demand: @got2gonyc, a TikTok account that shares videos on free public restrooms in the city. As for city leaders, some have drawn up legislation.

    Legislation that would require the city Department of Transportation and the city Department of Parks and Recreation to submit a joint report to the mayor and city council speaker that identifies at least one location in every of New York City’s 214 ZIP codes that would be suitable to install a public restroom.

    “When we don’t have public bathrooms, we smell human waste in public parks, in our subway stations, in our neighborhoods, no one wants to see that,” said the bill’s sponsor, City Council Member Rita Joseph.

    “We can prevent this by providing public bathrooms that the city will clean and maintain for everyone. Everyone needs a place … a safe place to use the restroom, this will improve the quality of life for every New Yorker.”

    There’s about 1,100 publicly accessible restrooms in New York City – a number that has had no significant increase in over 40 years, according to an analysis published in 2020 by the Urban Design Forum. The research, which comes from an architect, data analyst and urban planner, said the city is experiencing a “public bathroom crisis” and described restroom access as both a human right and public health concern.

    New York is ranked 93rd out of the 100 largest U.S. cities for the number of public restrooms per capita