Reply To: Number of Illegal Aliens Who Entered Under Biden Exceeds Population of 22 States

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    I’m not going to ‘join’ any group just to respond to stupid comments to me in reply to my response to their posts. The guys who run this site, should fix that.

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    We should all be able to engage each other without restriction or moderation by those who will only allow THEIR thinking to be heard.

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    We still have the 1st Amendment in this country so we should enjoy it because if trump the traitor manages to really still this next election, the 1st Amendment will die.

    Well, the 1st Amendment doesn’t apply to this or any other privately owned website.

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    In response to ObscureandFuzzy: PLEASE do your homework before you shoot your mouth off. The article does not provide ANY documentative proof, data or facts to support their claims. It’s all hyperbole and bias BS. I will say it again: IF CONGRESS DID ITS JOB, THIS WOULD BE A NON-ISSUE. That’s why the Republicultists don’t want to fix the issue because if they do, they have even less BS and red meat to throw in the face of their followers to distract and deflect from the issue!

    Just google: “how many illegals since biden became president” and pick your number then. You’ll find 3.8 million is on the LOW side.

    And… we do have immigration laws, the current administration is just not enforcing them.

    These states all have a population below 3.8 million:

    Connecticut: 3,626,205

    Utah: 3,380,800

    Iowa: 3,200,517

    Nevada: 3,177,772

    Arkansas: 3,045,637

    Mississippi: 2,940,057

    Kansas: 2,937,150

    New Mexico: 2,113,344

    Nebraska: 1,967,923

    Idaho: 1,939,033

    West Virginia: 1,775,156

    Hawaii: 1,440,196

    New Hampshire : 1,395,231

    Maine: 1,385,340

    Montana: 1,122,867

    Rhode Island: 1,093,734

    Delaware: 1,018,396

    South Dakota: 909,824

    North Dakota: 779,261

    Alaska: 733,583

    District of Columbia: 671,803

    Vermont: 647,064

    Wyoming: 581,381

    Since the start of the Biden administration, over 7 million illegal aliens have been encountered on America’s borders, both at official ports of entry and between them. An unknown number of illegal aliens successfully evaded Border Patrol to enter the interior of the country.

    CBP said it encountered more illegal aliens at the borders, including ports of entry, in August than in any other single month on record. Initial reporting indicates that September’s official numbers, when released, will exceed those from August.

    CBP reported encountering 304,162 illegal aliens,in August, surpassing the previous record high in December 2022 by nearly 2,000.