Reply To: Number of Illegal Aliens Who Entered Under Biden Exceeds Population of 22 States

  • Muscle4Muscle2009

    January 16, 2024 at 2:42 am

    I’m not going to ‘join’ any group just to respond to stupid comments to me in reply to my response to their posts. The guys who run this site, should fix that. We should all be able to engage each other without restriction or moderation by those who will only allow THEIR thinking to be heard. We still have the 1st Amendment in this country so we should enjoy it because if trump the traitor manages to really still this next election, the 1st Amendment will die.

    In response to Strayan: “Didn’t incompetent Joe roll out the red carpet for em. With welcome one, welcome all. Praise be that God has sent you Trump.”

    If Joe Biden is ‘incompetent’ what does that make your Dear Leader, Donny? God had nothing to do with ‘sending’ us this malignancy…you can thank the Republicans for this cancer.

    In response to ObscureandFuzzy: PLEASE do your homework before you shoot your mouth off. The article does not provide ANY documentative proof, data or facts to support their claims. It’s all hyperbole and bias BS. I will say it again: IF CONGRESS DID ITS JOB, THIS WOULD BE A NON-ISSUE. That’s why the Republicultists don’t want to fix the issue because if they do, they have even less BS and red meat to throw in the face of their followers to distract and deflect from the issue!