Reply To: Surge of Migrants Heading North Has Chicago, New York at a ‘Breaking Point’

  • Muscle4Muscle2009

    January 1, 2024 at 3:31 am

    Reply to ObscureandFuzzy to my reply to this thread: This is a no-brainer dude. The republicans only USE immigration as a talking point and fundraising strategy to continue the lies, mis/dis-information and conspiracy BS and fear mongering to fill their pockets with money to save their asses during election cycles. Republicans don’t want to find solutions to immigration and other issues, because it’s a cash cow and a weapon to use against Democrats. Go look at see how many bills they have passed and Biden signed in 2023. ZERO…I wonder why…If you don’t see that obvious and clear-as-day truth, I really can’t help you. At the very least, if we give the Democrats the super majority they need, they will be loyal to their responsibilities and address the issue(s). They take their oath and service to the Republic with more seriousness and commitment to serve then the white-supremist, hillbilly, redneck, white trailer park trash and religious hypocrites that make up the ‘republican party’.