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  • True_Blue_Aussie

    August 2, 2021 at 7:36 pm

    Life would’ve been much simpler, if I’d been born with the ability to bat for both teams, and recive many of the rewards, rewarded the seemingly hetrosexual men received.

    ThaT weren’t available to us homosexuals.

    Marriage being just one of them.

    Having a female to use as a beard, would’ve been another.

    But then, I get to look back with pride and honesty, unlike the OP of this group.


  • Lifter67

    August 8, 2021 at 12:25 am

    Interesting interpretation of your past. I tell you what, why don’t you choose not to be gay and the members of this group who are bi-sexual will choose not to be bi-sexual. WTF. Are you still way back there? Catch up brother. I can’t believe you posted something lacking full and thoughtful consideration. Do you truly think being bi-sexual is an “ability” or any less valid than any number of variant sexual expressions? Dude, you’re just being an idiot.

    • Buddy 

      August 8, 2021 at 11:07 am

      Pay him no heed. He was commenting on my history. I didn’t know I was gay and during my decades long military career I had several marriages. And also several children as a product of those marriages. It was just a coincidence that as soon as I left the military that I realized that I was gay.

      • Lifter67

        August 8, 2021 at 11:53 am

        You are right. A bitter old gay man is just like any other bitter old man–they like to think they have all the right answers so they don’t have to resolved their own issue and then they project that shit on to others. It annoyed me. But, I’m over it. This is group for Bi-sexual men to speak freely and if bi-sexual haters want to comment, I think they need to be called out. Maybe it is an Aussie thing with this guy. Cultures have different experiences and expectations. Many of us have worked hard to stop the marginalization of different classes of people in the U.S. I know we can’t change everyone’s mind on sexuality and its variants–and that is certainly a false expectation, but we can point out a bigot when he expresses an ugly opinion as a point of fact. I’ll look at the science not an uneducated point of view, thank you. And Art-Deco, your story is YOUR story. Your evolution. Your sacred path. It needs to be honored not ridiculed. Peace.

    • True_Blue_Aussie

      August 8, 2021 at 4:48 pm

      Did say there was anything wrong with being a bisexual.

      But You guys are different to us homosexuals. As we only have one lifestyle to choose from, and that is is be a gay.

      Bisexuals on the other hand get to live as a hetrosexual, marry a women, breed the hetrosexual way, and receive all the benefits awarded to breeding hetrosexuals, that are denied us homosexuals. Then when that’s over they make the lifestyle choice to go a live as a gay, and say look homosexuals, I’m now just like you. When they have never been like us.

      little babies born to grow up homosexul. The most persecuted tribe, throughout history.

      Now Bisexuals deprive us homosexuals an identity of our own, by standing under the banner of gay, when you are bi; neither hetrosexual, or homosexual. Yes my life would’ve been much simpler and less complicated, if I was born with the ability to bat for both teams.

      But I wasn’t, and never lived a lie. I grew up with all the brutality of being honest, in rural Australia, at a time that was equal to the mindset of America’s 1950 s.

      While grown men in the city, hid, and went to parties with Dorothy.

      No there is nothing wrong with being a bisexual.

      But It is very different to us homosexuals, thus we don’t belong under the one banner of Gay.

      Because we are two different Tribes. Now the identity of being gay has been turned into something genetic, depriving us homosexuals, the original Gay’s, an identity of our own.

      <font face=”inherit”>An identity that was awarded us homosexuals, to replace names like faggot, fags, </font>proffers,or<font face=”inherit”> poof.</font>

      <font face=”inherit”>

      <font face=”inherit”>Liberals saying give us the right to call you out, really means giving us the right to attack, abuse, to make you bend the knee. To re-educate, brainwash.</font>

      • Buddy 

        August 8, 2021 at 7:16 pm

        I just woke up one day soon after retiring from the military and I was gay.

  • True_Blue_Aussie

    August 9, 2021 at 12:49 am

    Rather convenient mate.

    If you’d had this revelation during your career in the Army. You would’ve been booted out.

    I don’t say this as a bad thing.

    But mate wirh you being a bisexual.

    You’ve never been a hetrosexual, or a homosexual. Eventhough you’ve made the lifestyle change, to live as a gay.

    It was never a choice for me.

    Just as I was never a choice for my hetrosexual brother to live as a straight.

    But you’ve now lived as both, yet are neither or either. Once again, not saying it’s a bad thing. Simply different from us Homosexuals, the Original Gays, and Heterosexuals.

    Why you bisexuals have a flag, something us homosexuals lack, as our tribes has been mixed with other tribes.

    Depriving us homosexuals of an identity of our own. Yet many bisexuals get their knickers in a big wad, over the concept of Gold Star Gays.

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