Reply To: The Hearts of Vaccinated People – Physiology

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    January 4, 2024 at 10:39 pm

    <yt-formatted-string respect-lang-dir=””>@carmellynam4483</yt-formatted-string> <yt-formatted-string link-inherit-color=”” has-link-only_=””>3 days ago</yt-formatted-string>

    <yt-formatted-string slot=”content” split-lines=”” user-input=””>I suffered a Takotsubo Heart attack one day after taking the Astra Zeneka. I recovered and felt in form to do a 140 km cycle over 3 days in June 2023. While I didn’t have a repeat episode I definitely felt unwell in the days following the cycle. I did another cycle (20 km) 2 months later and again felt fatigued and unwell. Also my BP is much higher than it ever used to be. The information you have presented here would appear to offer an explanation. I joined a Takotsubo support group online and I know that many of those people suffered their heart event following vaccination also.</yt-formatted-string>