Reply To: Neil Patrick Harris in new Netflix show: Uncoupled

  • outdoorsguy

    August 1, 2022 at 4:28 pm

    I really disliked Neil Patrick Harris’s character Michael pathetic whining queen . However, I disliked his ex even more. The most interesting character was Stanley which is not saying much.

    Neil Patrick Harris-Led ‘Uncoupled’ is Unlikeable

    These jokes aren’t just impressively outdated but are also often excruciatingly unfunny. “He’s my BFF: boyfriend forever,” Michael says at one point, to which Suzanne answers as if this is a Nickelodeon show, “More like B-A-R-F.”

    The show is full of moments like that, lines so weak and cliched that it’s not always clear whether or not they’re meant as punchlines

    Hopefully if they have a second season they will get in some more creative writers.