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  • bookauthor

    March 18, 2023 at 10:41 pm

    2nd Pass

    Kate Blanchett 10/10

    Other characters in the movie 7/10

    The Movie: 6/10

    Script: 5/10

    Length of Movie: 6/10

    Movie Experience & Entertainment Value: 7/10

    One rehearsal scene had the last note/moment of a movement go on too long.

    Some of that jogging was unnecessary.

    Well let me stop the playing of this YouTube video:
    Jessye Norman “Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen” Ruckert Lieder 5/5

    and concentrate a bit more.

    Is Mahler’s 5th better than Mahler’s 9th?

    I’m likely to judge by the Adagio movement. I don’t know the 9th’s Adagio movement.

    No, I’m not connected to the 9th’s Adagio.

    Supposedly, James Levine and the Met orchestra at Carnegie Hall, Mahler’s 9th was nice. It sold out quickly. But back then when I was trying that, there was no YouTube for me–maybe HMV and Penguin Guides to Classical Recordings (86th and Lexington Ave., northwest corner).

    Someone said, you better throw in the 4th.

    Let me try the 4th’s:

    YouTube Video:
    Mahler : Symphonie 4 : Poco Adagio – BPO /Karajan*

    That’s more my style. Beautiful.

    Of course the Adagietto from the 5th is sublime.

    Gutteral Scream! ! !

    Mahler: Symphony No. 5 (Adagietto) / Rattle · Berliner Philharmoniker
    Berliner Philharmoniker
    470K subscribers.

    When I moved to NYC, in my early years there, I went to Rizzoli’s on 57th Street (maybe 1984) and picked up a double casette of Adagios. What a revelation ! ! !

    How different would Tar be if it were set in 1984.

    I didn’t appreciate the back of the head shot when Tar was being interviewed at the beginning of the movie. It was annoying.

    Google this:
    Mahler 4 vs. Mahler 5 vs. Mahler 9 – what do you recommend more strongly?

    When I heard there was criticism of Bach in Tar, I didn’t want to see the movie.

    I needed this YouTube video to “get” some of what I didn’t “get” about Tar.

    TAR Ending Explained Full Movie Breakdown, Easter Eggs, Cancel Culture And Hidden Ghosts
    YouTube Channel: Heavy Spoilers.