Reply To: More Republican leaders try to ban books on race, LGBTQ issues

  • Sumpter

    December 22, 2021 at 4:07 pm

    A rehash of Nazi book burning is not really necessary in this case. It’s hyperbole.

    No one here seems to have bothered to actually take a look at the book in question. But the NPR story seems to have been written to cause unhinged reactions from the usual suspects and to bash Republicans.

    The story is about a single book called Gender Queer: A Memoir. It is in comic book form and many people would characterize a few frames as soft porn. Perhaps it’s not the best thing for a 16 year old to see. That should be a parents call. The book is allegedly autobiographical and as to that who can know another person’s story. The only objections for most would be the graphics presentations that we’re not necessary to tell the story. I doubt it would be of much interest to most HS students.