Reply To: Gay men more likely to have college degrees, and this could be the reason why

  • joeclark

    November 30, 2021 at 11:45 am

    I actually read this study (actually a preprint), making me the only member here to have done so.

    The author goes through all sorts of contortions regarding “masculinity” to explain why gay boys do better in school than straight boys. And he flatly lies about the degree of concern boys’ overall failure to thrive in school has attracted.

    Worse, he’s consistently dishonest about the reality here, which reality he experienced growing up: Gay boys just are not interested in duking it out with straight boys, yea unto their adult careers, where they are much happier holding down what are now derisively called “email jobs” instead of pulling in a hundred grand for half a year’s work on the oil ring. (Because gay boys behave like girls, and lesbians behave like boys, grossly stated.)

    Having read the entire literature on gay and lesbian incomes and earnings, I can state that all these facts have been known for a decade and a half, if not longer. But *those* researchers are also unwilling to admit that gays do not behave like straights in education and employment.