Reply To: Gay men more likely to have college degrees, and this could be the reason why

  • outdoorsguy

    November 27, 2021 at 9:35 am

    “If America’s gay men were considered on their own, they would have, by far, the highest college completion rate in the world: easily surpassing the current leader, Luxembourg, at 46.6 percent,” Mittleman wrote.

    His research aligns with what professors Mark Hatzenbuehler and John Pachankis (of Harvard and Yale, respectively) called the “Best Little Boy in the World” hypothesis. Drawing from Andrew Tobias’ memoir, “The Best Little Boy in the World,” this hypothesis proposes that gay men respond to societal homophobia by overcompensating in achievement-related domains.

    Mittleman suggests that “academic performance offers an accessible domain of competitive self-mastery. Whereas the rules of masculinity may feel obscure or unattainable, the rules of school can feel discrete and manageable.

    Whereas the approval of a parent may be uncertain, the praise of a teacher can be regularly earned with the right amount of effort. And when other avenues for ‘being a man’ are cut off, pursuing the kinds of prestigious careers made possible through meticulously high achievement offers a way to shore up one’s standing as a man.”

    It all makes sense to me . I always did well in school even though my parents could

    care less. My father did not understand or respect academics. He continues to have the Trump mind set . If you cannot make money from it why bother? I on the other hand viewed education as something no one could take away or repossess.

    I was the first in my family to complete a undergraduate degree .. later completed several masters degrees.

    I do not regret my academic achievement if anything wish I competed a PHD.