Reply To: Christian painter refuses to paint man’s home after finding out he’s gay

  • TJB

    July 30, 2023 at 12:24 pm

    I think this painter has the right to paint or not paint anyone’s home because of whatever reason. It is about the freedom of choice. You take it away from this guy, you take it away from everyone. That he is a Christian….well he is a piss poor one. How many times did Christ talk about homosexuality. NONE. Not a single time. I know some dumb ass “Christians” say, well it is the Bible. Christ said “I bring you a NEW testament.” And that new testament was about unconditional love–except for greedy ass rich people. Christ talked about those dip-shits in 11 out of the 39 parables. Those fuckers pissed him off. And by the way, if people like this painter think so little of the Christ then he needs to stop calling himself a Christian. He can call himself a “Biblican” as this is more accurate. Jesus still loves him, but he still thinks this pain is a dumb ass. —I’m not a good Christian. I judge people. And I know I am going to Hell. I already have a hand basket all picked out.