Only in Israel: Arab MK: LGBTQ rights are human rights, Arab community evolving

  • Only in Israel: Arab MK: LGBTQ rights are human rights, Arab community evolving

    Posted by mwolverine on July 26, 2022 at 1:37 pm

    Israel Arab member of the Knesset (Parliament): LGBQ rights are human rights, Arab community is evolving

    Joint List MK and Welfare Committee Head Aida Touma Suleiman said that “gay rights are human rights” adding that the Arab “community gets one step closer every day to acceptance,” in a Facebook post Thursday evening.

    Suleiman made the post in response to a wave of criticism among Arab Israelis to a tahini brand’s decision to provide financial support to an LGBTQ+ emergency hotline in Arabic, operated by the Israeli Association for LGBTQ+ rights (The Aguda).

    “The Tahinet el Arz brand made an estimable, brave decision to establish with us a support hotline for the Arab LGBTQ+ community,” The Aguda wrote on Twitter. “The initiative was met with a negative reaction on social media as well as calls for its boycott,” they added.

    “I have just spoken to [el Arz CEO] Julia Zahr, who saw it as her obligation to society and to her community to financially support victims of homophobia and those in need of an emergency hotline for gay people in distress who face threats due to their sexual orientation,” Suleiman wrote on Facebook.

    Zahr’s decision to support LGBTQ+ in need “is a brave message to our community and a clear announcement that gay rights are human rights,” the politician added.

    “Known for her generous support of multiple humanitarian initiatives and a partner in several volunteer NGOs, including [a] fund for people with special needs, Julia Zahr now stands before a hurtful campaign only for deciding to take on herself to spread love, acceptance of others and support of the disadvantaged.”

    “Yes, in the garden of pluralism there is place for all of us. We should always remember that equality [for some] is equality [for all].”

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