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  • AlphaElement

    December 31, 2023 at 9:20 am

    So you don’t have direct knowledge regarding the correspondence between binaural frequency and organ health but rely on a random search on Google? No matter since you seem to be using a Tibetan strategy which reprograms the sub conscious with a consciously determined trigger which could be anything. Since you are into music to you ever have the feeling that some music is divinely inspired? Though the ancient Greeks were obsessed with the divine intervention of human affairs; our culture now seems to be the opposite . Paul Mc Cartney repeated says in interviews that lyrics and music came to him in a dream but never suspects that that may be divine inspiration. Bob Dylan has gone as far as saying he can’t write music/ lyrics at all , he says that the early music just came into his head. The Word Music is derived from Muses, the beings that taught and inspired humans in the realm of the arts .